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HUMA 1850
Loredana Kun

solomon wrote the song of songs, ecclesiastes and proverbs. kingdom of israel dated 1020 B.C.E. to 922 BCE 1. The Synoptic Gospels C THE GOSPEL GENRE general information about the gospels: 1. WRITTEN 35-75 YEARS AFTER JESUS’ DEATH 2. all this is on a handout The stages of Oral Transmission B 3 Ways it changes content 1. Oral transmission always involves clarification 2. Oral transmission involves memorizing form 3. Oral transmission from memory means random access. (you’re not going to get everything, more random) D CONSEQUENCES? 1. Transmitted message much later written down 2. Individual episodes gradually combined 3. Produced an interpreted view Jesus (kerygma): Greek term translated as “Preaching” THE SYNOPTIC PROBLEM A AGREEMENT IN WORDING 1. Recorded history - not satisfactory explanation i. when they do not agree? ii. Aramaic to Greek: translation odds iii. What about John’s version? synoptic is about Matthew Mark and Luke, how the three of them fit together, they use similar words, tell similar stories. almost word to word similarities in places. as opposed to John which is quite different. i.e. Matthew 9:6, Mark 2:10-11, Luke 5:24 Matthew and Luke are writing at about the same time, but in different countries and to different audiences. D THE PRIORITY OF MARK 1. Argument from length -97% Mark found in Matthew -88.4% Mark found in Luke -44.4% Matthew not found in Mark -52.9% Luke not found in Mark 1. Argument from Grammar i. Colloquialisms and incorrect grammar. (Mark seems to have come first because it is less well written than Luke for example) iii. Redundancies (213 examples!) Mk 1:32 “That evening at sundown” Mk 2:18 another example. 2. Jesus’ power. i. jesus is not as powerful in Mark. i.e. Matthew 8:16, Mark 1:34, Luke 4:40 (referring to how many of the sick he cured, respectively all, many. any of the sick were cured.) more of the same Matthew 12:15 “and he cured all of them” Mark 3:10 “for he had cured many” Luke 6:19 “and he healed all of them” Matthew 13:58 “And he did not do many deeds of power there, because of their unbelief.” Mark 6:5-6 “And he could do no deed of power there except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and cured them and he was amazed at their unbelief.” Why would they do this, mark was written first, why did Matthew and luke amp it up a bit? to convince people, sell the religion. Mark is not as committed in convincing people. Mark knew that his audience didn’t know the traditions of the hebrew, aramaic traditions. this assumes that the audience is probably a gentile audience. THE FOUR SOURCE HYPOTHESIS similar to documentary hypothesis of the first testament. This diagram is in H and Y. Matthew took from Mark, Q and his own material. Luke took from mark, Q and his own material. Mark really emphasizes the necessity of suffering. in none of the traditions that got passed down was the idea that the messiah has to be a martyr. Matthew was a Pharisee, so he knew a lot about the law and the TaNaK we know this because of how much he relates Jesus’ life to the aforementioned hebrew book. there are lots of quotes form the old testament. LUKE A AUTHORSHIP: WHO WROTE LUKE? 1. Tradition: A Physician, a companion to Paul The Anti-Marcionite Prologue (160-180 CE) Luke a Syrian of Antioch, doctor for profession, was the disciple of the Apostles. At a later date he was the disciple of Paul until the death of the latter. After having served the Lord without fault and never having married, he died full of the holy spirit. At Boeottia aged eighty-four. as Gospels had already been written by Matthew in Judea and by Mark in Italy, Luke, under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, wrote his gospel in the redion of Achaia, In the prologue he shows that the other gospels
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