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Intro to Daoism

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HUMA 1865
Aviva Goldberg

Daosim ---is it a philosophy? Religion? - pre han dynasty (i.e. before 206 bce – 220 ce) – Huang Lao -  In Daoist literature, “Huang-Lao” continued to be used until Tang Dyanasty (618-907 ce) - Han Dyansty - Han Wudi (145-86bce)  Daojia - Coincides with emergence of new syncretistic Confuscianism as imperial orthofoxy Daoist Canon - First respository of Daosit books in the palace liberary of the Later Haan - Evolution and expansion of Canon until Ming dynasty (1368-1644) -  often contained non-daoist texts - broadly two categories…1) inner –trasnmission to adepts 2) outer-public consumption - first imminent writer of daosim is known as Laozi - Zhuangzi had dream of being a butterfly Some Yin Yang attributes Yin (inferior) - yielding - dark - cold - water - night - moon - fall-winter - north - earth - female Yang (superior) - firm - lighthot - fire - day - sun - spring-summer - south - heaven - male The five elements - wuxing: - metal, wood, water, fire earth - how do they interact? Utual production - wood gives rise to fire - fire  earth - earth  metal - metal  water (liquefied when under heat) - water  wood (refer to plants, gardens, vegetation, nature, etc) -  = mutual concept - WOOD CONQUERS EARTH - EARTH CONQUERS WATER - FIRE CONQUERS METAL -
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