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Love and Marriage.

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HUMA 1950
Sherry J.F.Rowley

November 24 2011 HumanitiesMovie y Love doesnt exist before marriage y Korean girls are forbidden to have boyfriends especially if they were white y Not going to university and attending college is like a failure y Girls are forced to get married in order from eldest to youngest y The eldest daughter is supposed to be a role model for her younger sisters y A women has to please her in laws be sensitive to her children y A Korean daughters father takes interest in what his daughter marries by looking at the status of the son in law to be the car he drives the location he lives y A daughter should not be head strong and independent and should be limited with how much she says y They are concerned with what will other people think y They are old fashioned y Known as Korean Canadianyou cant escape your identity y Koreans dont show affection to their families y Daughters feel like they are a burden y What the father says is always right There is no ground of compromise y Segregated events male and females must be kept apart y When the community people get together they speak about one common ground of interest when will their children get married y The father feels as if his daughter graduating college an not attending university has to do with his upbringing of his child and how he has failed as a father and now can only have faith in bringing home a good husband y Fathers dont speak to their daughter directly they go through the mothers of daughters y Identity politicattempting to maintain a cohesive identity
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