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Lecture Two, Friedan,Combahee,Hooks,Lorde.docx

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HUMA 1951
Alison Crosby

Lecture Two: Friedan, Combahee River Collective, Hooks, Lorde (Tuesday September 17 , 2013) th - How should we be problematizing the categories of women? - We will be focusing on our lens of analysis throughout the course - How we feel about gender is related to outside factors as well - Methodology o How we approach a topic influences how we understand it o Being neutral or objective is still choosing a side o Being critical in our thinking’s and our readings - Focus of gender and gender-relations of power - There is no one women with the same experiences of oppression - “Woman” is a particular socio-construct, vs “women” which Is diverse - Oppositional categories/binaries o Opposite forces o Good vs bad, normal vs abnormal, private vs public o What implications these categories cause for women - Transnational feminism vs Global feminism o Transnational feminism allows us to understand the circulation of power within boundaries - Cynthia Enloe o An American feminist o “We need to be curious feminists as a methodology” - “What is deemed natural has not yet been created” - What is considered “natural” is easy, it’s admissible, it does not include critical thinking o “It’s just the way things are, you can’t change it” – tradition, the traditional way of thinking things have always been like this and it won’t change o another way of strengthening the social constructs in our society - Not asking questions is dangerously comfortable - Feminist curiosity means taking women’s lives seriously o Listening to silence is very important - Enloe says to be curious about patriarchy o Patriarchy – the structural system that perpetuates the privileging of masculinity - There is not one way that women become oppressed - Gender is the primary form of oppression - “The Feminine Mystique” - What is the problem that has no name? o Educated women being subjected to being housewives o The notion of unfulfilment, forcible categorization o Placing women in a box and expecting them to be happy o Issues of sexuality o Sense of alienation and a lack of self worth - Freud says there is a link from your genitals to your duty in society - Freud also says rather than changing the notions in society, one had to become a man. If a woman wanted rights, society mustn’t change. She must. She needs to transform into a man. - Freidan’s solution to the problem o Women should move into the public sphere o Women need to go out and fight oppression by educating themselves and obtaining jobs for the purpose of themselves, not to lure a man o Access to education, access to work, access to work rights - Problem With Friedan’s Solution o What about the men
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