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Oppression; Pedagogy of the oppressed ch. 1 This is the lecture where we talked about pedagogy of the oppressed, at at the end the ethnography essay outline is attached. 3 pages total.

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HUMA 1970
Steve Gennaro

January 4 2010 Worlds of ChildhoodOppressionPsychology of Oppressionwhat is oppression how does it work how does it continue to maintain itselfin order for oppressed people to liberate themselves they first must have access to the idea that liberation is possible 5 entry points into pedagogy 1page 1introduces how he read the textinner strengthculturally schizophrenicall oppressed people experience this present yet not visible and vice versa 2page 12 dangers of reading this text danger in seeking out freedom people jailed for reading this book 3page 14 cant reduce everything to class cant properly dissect any of the other variable without understanding thesignificance of classsocial equalityneed to ask how money affects thisideas of the ruling class becomedominant ideas of that epoch4page 15 never has there been a more valuable text written why do we culturally silence p
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