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Lecture 3

Week 3 Readings - Notes

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Lecture Notes September 26, 2013 Introduction: • History is two things: o Facts o Stories o The story of the facts is a crucial part of history o Historiography is how history is told o Time (history) is never separate from space (geography) • Course Argument o Childhood is a cultural (social, historical) construction o Children are a part of history/a part of the social world • Issues o Global disparity o Power imbalances • Davies o Definitions o Looks at a range of different disciplines o Disciplinary differences • Henry Jenkins o Historical evolution modern ideas o Looks at how certain ideas emerge and how those ideas take hold Week 3: Children, Colonialism and the Atlantic 1750-1775: Historical Issues and Contexts Course Argument • Childhood is a cultural (social, historical) construction • Children are a part of history/a part of the social world • Children are subjects of research A Brief History of the Caribbean By: Jan Rogozinski • A lot of movement between continents across the Atlantic o Africa, Europe, North and South America • History of the Caribbean • Telling the large interconnected histories of Europe, Africa and the Americas Foundations: Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing Chapter 4: Developing Critical Reading Strategies • Reading strategically • Skimming o Overview of reading then go back and look at the detail • Read for context • Who was the author, when was it published • Find out the author’s argument and the evidence they use to support it The Child as a Social Actor in Historical Sources: Problems of Identification and Interpretation By: Harry Hendrick • Argues that we need to
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