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Lecture 2

Worlds of Childhood - Week 2 Lecture.docx

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York University
HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Worlds of Childhood LectureSeptember 19 2013The idea of childhood is not a real thing but is a construction of ideasThese constructs arent fixed There is no construct of childhood that remains fixed they change over time and placeHow does childhood differ in terms of how adults see it adults defining childhood not childrenWhat are the social moral and political implications of these ideasJenkins article oA lot of ideas about childhood came from various writers oIdeas about childhood circulated through mediaWhat kind of time is childhoodoA time that is very much distinct from adultsoChildren are always in adult space and adults are always in childrens spaceoA time of innocence Not always trueThe idea of childhood and its relationship with media is very complexHow children is portrayed in literature vs how they are portrayed in medicine is different if it was between literature and history where there may be some overlapsThink about children in different political positionsoWar and peaceoGlobal economic crisisoHealthoEducationoCrime oCultureDavies creates connections from ideas about culture ideas about media and ideas about textoArticle tells us that wherever you are in the world ideas about childhood varyoIdeas about the KINDS of childhoods should be havingoHis article suggests that there is a real disconnect between children and their livesoHe indirectly claims that childhood is like this no matter where they are even though that is not the reality of childrens lives universaloWe need to think of the ways race age sexuality gender etc impact childhoodThink about how those divisions workoThe innocent child is a mythThe idea of the innocent child becomes so engraved in our culture that it becomes realWe buy into it because it becomes natural even though its not realHe thinks that we have to go back in time to understand childhood4 spaces JenkinsoRomanticoMedievaloVictorianoModern
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