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As Long As The Rivers Flow Reading

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Lecture 15 NotesObjectives As Long as the Rivers FlowObjectives for the lectureMemorymemory workRepresentation how the child is represented in textUsing the 5 levels of Reading to Analyze text decoding the picture bookToolsPicture book textThree scholarly readingsoGrand to better understand the context and experience of First Nations children in terms of the Residential school experienceAs Long as the River Flows in terms of memoryMemory work as a methodologyWhat tools Loyie is usingStory telling is a cultural tradition as well as the use of family photosAdult memorynostalgia the space of memoryhow what why when of memoryDeliberate memorywhy remember childhood in this particular wayPhotos as means of making abstract ideas about children and childhood concreteThin about how As Long as the River Flows represents childhoodthe difference between representation and childrens real livesideology and experienceHow accurate is this remembering in As Long as the River FlowsLanguage is different Page 2oLanguage is focused on to depict Larry Loyies life and out life are differentMemory is often deliberateBOTH I Want A Dog and As Long as the River Flows begin with children and pets May wants a dog Larry and his siblings have an owlResponsibility is shownMay was notLarry and his siblings wereHow does As Long as the River Flows represent childhoodoCarefree childhoodresponsibilities however has a nostalgically carefree childhoodoThe difference between representation and childrens real livesoIdeology vs experienceoWhat is it that makes up Larrys childhoodSeems to be fairly carefreeHe has responsibilities but he has this nostalgic carefree sense of childhood oThis is Larrys experience and he cannot speak for any other childrenoWe must be careful not to assume that this is the way of all First Nations childrenoWhy were the experiences different from other First Nations childrenBecause of groupstribeLocation
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