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"Red Land, Yellow River", "A Girl From Chimel", "A Gift from Childhood", "As Long As the River Flows"

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York University
HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Lecture NotesRed Land Yellow RiverThere are photos of Zhang that are integrated into the text that start from right at the beginningoNot family photographs but of items little red bookoThe different ways photos are used to trigger memoriesStorytelling was a part of indigenous cultures previous booksoNot discussed in this bookWhat is the story that Zhang is telling about his childhoodThis isnt a story about cultural differenceoIt is about historical differences about child participation in political movementoThe interaction between the child and whats happening in ChinaThink about the different relations to what happens to Zhang politically to the children in the Game who didnt have an opportunity to speak until the endChildren were at the heart of the political movement that was taking place during the revolutionChildbased revolutionZhang positions himself as an outsider he is seen as a bad kid because of his parents political affiliationWants to find a place for himself in this political placeZhang is trying to narrate the storyoWhy did he tell this story What is the valueZhang is experiencing what this cultural revolution is like and is participating on multiple levelsDifferent ways to look at childhoodoPerspective of ZhangZhang decides to read the books in his fathers library and considers that the things hes being told about Chinas political stance may not be the way to thinkoPerspective of PrivilegeWomen vs men Dont know how women were involved in the cultural revolutionDont have a sense of a young womans role Most of it takes place in BeijingImages of public and private spaces are differentoRed Land Yellow RiverUrban settingCrowded oA Gift From ChildhoodBaba going into the city Not as clutteredCalmer interactionNot as chaoticfull of movement compared to Red Land Yellow RiverGrows up in the village
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