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What is Visual Culture?

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HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Lecture NotesVisual CultureChildren are part of history and part of the social worldRepresentationoThinking about how different childhoods in picture books represented various childhoodsPower oPower relationships between children and adultsVoiceoHow do we activate voices of the youngIf experience is mediated by ideology then how can we know children and childhoodBe selfconscious of your position in adult and child relationshipsStereotypesoInnocent childoChildren not knowing certain materialoIf children are experts why dont we allow them to BE the expertsoBiasesReflectionoBe aware in terms of the work we are doingWhat is Visual CultureSurrounded by images everywhere we goMuch of what we know comes from our ability to produce and circulate visual interpretationHow do we make sensecome to terms of the visual images we seeFinnoGet a sense of how scholars in different fields interpret visual objectsoAesthetic value vs documentary valueoCritical theoryInterplay between ourselves and imagesImages teach us reveal things we dont see oThey can also misinformoParticipate in construction of stereotypes racist or demeaning
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