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Holland, Levey, LeGuin Reading

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York University
HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall

Lecture NotesBe aware of the stereotypes and the role that they play in our assumptionsSelfreflexivityoAn awareness ofwillingness to reflect on what you have done what youre going to do and to keep the dynamic of childadult in mindoWhat is it about things that make you do certain things think certain thingsHolland ArticleLooking at the world of visual material that we encounter in our everyday livesHolland gives two kinds of imagesoOne type Commercial or Pitcho2nd type Photograph as documentAppears to be realHollands 3 Themeso1 History childrenrepresentation images every individual is surrounded by representations and images which stand as an arrogant assertion of social wealth 1These are available pictures 1Young people have been the object of many of these representations throughout history o2 ideology informs and shapes relationships between children and adults and it is power that is working in these relationshipsThese are power relationships between the child and adultAge does matterTypically in that power relationship adults are taking the pictures and children are the objectso3 ongoing presence of the past and its current influence on the present Tracing the idea of childhood innocence LeveyLeGuinResearchChildrenEthnography vocabulary and practiceAdult researcherchild research subjectAdult gazePresence of children as subjects wedges and collaboratorsInstead of seeing young people as passive or defenceless we are moving where we want to see young people as agentsLevyoScholarly textoReflecting on her own research practiceoLeveys termskeywordsEthnographic researchFieldworkReflexivityReflect on our own research practices
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