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HUMA 2105
Sarah Blake

Lecture 2 September-18-12 10:32 PM Who are the Romans and How do we know? Who are the Romans?  Archaeological evidence  Linguistic evidence  Literary evidence *often from later in time even though it's the easiest to understand Traditional time Periods  Regal Period 753-509 BCE o Rome ruled by a series of 7 elected kings, beginning with Romulus and ending with the Etruscan Tarquin the Proud  Republican Period 509-31 BCE o Rome governed by elected annual magistrates o Period of expansion of the empire throughout the Mediterranean lands  Imperial Period/Principle 31 BCE-4th Century CE o Empire ruled by a series of Emperors, whose power is hereditary o Period of general peace and stability around the Mediterranean  Archaeological evidence o Major source of evidence for early history of Rome o Potential source of new information o Provides direct access to the past? o Essentially treasure hunting o Burials the best source of information o Closed find: finding a site that was sealed  Grave Goods: o Deliberately deposited
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