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Lecture 3

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York University
HUMA 2105
Sarah Blake

Lecture 3 September-25-12 10:45 AM The Origin of Rome According to the Romans  Capitoline She-wolf, Etruscan Origin, 5th Century BCE  Trojan Prince Aeneas, son of Goddess Venus, flees to the burning ruins of Troy, sails to Italy where he marries local Latin Princess and founds new city near eventual Rome  PIETAS: Concept roughly translated as duty and being good Good Roman men honour their father before anything else  Romulus and Remus  Brothers abandoned by their Uncle  The wolf protected them, behaving contrary to her own nature  Natural world taking care of Rome  The wolf a Roman image of protection  Contradiction o Female wolf/male babies o Singular wolf/two babies  Survival and community key in Roman founding legends  Original statue o Capitoline Hill o Associated with the once Cicero talked about  Livy - Titus Livius, ca. 60 BCE-CE 17  Wrote from the beginning of Rome to approximately 9BCE  142 books were written, 35 survive  Was a professional historian, not a politician  Began to write after 29 BCE, after the battle of Actium  What is the purpose of ancient history writing? o To record/commemorate events o To explain the present o To edify and instruct  Essential for creating a past  Livy's preface pp. 29  Has an escapist mind of the past  Pessimistic writing attitude  Vices have collapsed his present day Rome He is looking for what caused this   Romulus's story ties the divine origin/ ancestry o Mother raped by Mars  Aeneas's mother is Venus  Romulus the first King of Rome  Adopts the signs of power, the fasces  Populates Rome by kidnapping women, stealing the Sabines  Performs augury, consulting the God's will  Creates the senate  Fortifies the city  Reigns for 37 yea
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