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Lecture 4

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HUMA 2105
Sarah Blake

Lecture 4 October-02-12 11:46 AM Building the Republic: Early Heroes and Heroines of Rome  Trojan Prince Aeneas, Son of Venus o Quality of pietas o Survival, endurance o Community oriented  Romulus and Remus and the She-Wolf o Anger, violent, strength Periods of History Archaic Rome - 9th-5th Century BCE  Original period of urban settlement and development of monarchic government  Literacy is coming about  trade throughout the Mediterranean  Etruscan civilization flourishes in Etruria  Greek colonies in Southern Italy Early Republic - 5th-3rd Century BCE  Republican government (consuls etc.)  Monumentalization of the city  Military control established over the Italian peninsula  Civic institutions strengthened (census, assemblies, magistrates, festivals and other religious ceremonies)  Conflict between patricians and plebeians resolved peacefully  Levels of citizenship extended to colonies and towns Middle Republic - 3rd-2nd Century BCE  Wars in Carthage  Expansion of the Empire in the Mediterranean  Increased wealth at Rome  Influx of slaves form around the Mediterranean  Trend to plantation style of agriculture  Roman experimentation with Greek forms of Literature (comedy/tragedy, epic poetry, history)  Hellenization of Roman Elites  After the death of Lucrecia, Brutus is known as the Liberator  This moment forth was the Republic (Res Publica = Common cause)  Consul: always 2  Held for one year only  Same supreme authority of King  Share consulship as a check on the other's power  Never back to back elections  Fasces: bundle of rods with an axe head
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