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Lecture 9

HUMA 2105 Lecture 9

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York University
HUMA 2105
Sarah Blake

Lecture 9November0612 234 PM Cicero A New ManGreat speech writer left more than 50 speeches of differing kindsAlso left letters written to Atticus his best friend wife brother son and slaveForms a sort of personal relationshsip Telling of a day to day life of cicero Philosopher and rhetorical masterHave more writing of cicero than of any other Latin learned tday is Ciceronian latin Born in Arpenum to a not so well off familyWithout illustrious ancestors Must prove himself to be trusted in the elite circleAttempts at Reform o Tiberious and Gaius Gracchus o Sicily and Sardinia provinces dependant on Rome o Owed Rome tribute taxes and soldiers o Created governatorship in order to make sure tributes come to Rome on time o Chosen from the consulship the highest of the higho Imperium the right of life and deatho Governors pack up their belongings and move to the province sort out conflicts and local appeals make sure there is a steady supply of whatever is tributed to Romeo Governor a stressful job stuck away from pleasures of homeo Benefits status money reward become anything you want take as much as you can for yourselfo Most governors took advantages to further their political careerVerres o raped the land of Sicilyo As governor wrote letters to the emperor for constant approvalo Cicero leads against Verres says the people cried out to himo Cross the pomerium no longer has imperium and can be charged with many charges o Many complexities in the constitution Gracchus Brotherso Tiberius elected to the tribune of the plebsPower to veto anything Exempt from punishment of any kind Beaten with the leg of a chair to death o Gaius GracchusPushed the boundaries of the law to get what they wantedFlexed the Roman constitution to get what they wantedBend the laws to the personal agenda
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