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Multiculturalism  Multicultural requires us to take about immigration  85% of Canadians believes multiculturalism is part of identity  Multiculturalism- fundamental aspect of Canadian society and identity  Celebration of British linage is a belief of racial hierarchy (this means different races of people were ranked according to skin color and white at the top)  Racial hierarchy has social Darwinism ideas (assumed to be natural and scientific fact and provided justification for colonial project  In Canada after confederation these ideas hold and informed gov approach to deal with native people.  Racial hierarchy influence on immigration policies  Up until 1910 anyone could enter Canada as long as not disabled or criminal and head tax to some people and provide you can pay that tax then u can immigrate.  Canada immigration officials had 2 things in mind in 19 century when coming up with policy 1. Key aims of national policy of 1879 to encourage settlement of the west the idea that immigrants that Canada brought in settle that it strengths canada claim and make sit harder for Americans to claim if the west is to be settled by Canadians this meant a couple things (immigrants had to be experienced farmers, by 19 century they wanted farmers people who had experience in agriculture in extreme weather conditions 2. Immigration officials were determined to create a harmonious society and assumed that bets way to create this was ot create homogenous society one in which ppl same with one another. This meant they looked for immigrants who adopt Canadian ways of life and blend like accept customs and be loyal to the queen.  Canadian immigration officials had clear idea of what they were looking for. They had preference in terms of Canadian immigrants and ranked prospects of immigrants in clear categories.  Immigration officials worked with and wanted in Canada (had to be white): 1. White brittish subjects that came from Great Britain itself, Australia, new Zeeland, south Africa these were number one choice. 2. People from Scandinavian and western Europe 3.southern and eastern Europe (Greece, Italy, Portugal) 4.africans, Asians, and jews (all three of these groups people were inassimilable were Canada could not assimilate them) Africans and Asian made them too different to fit in. because of Jewish religion they were at odds at Canadian norm. Basically looked for white Christians that were loyal to British.  19 century: most of people wanted to immigrate from great Britain come from urban context that are not suitable farmers so bad choice to be sent out the west for this reason the immigration officials moved down to the second tier of immigrants and that’s why Canada’s priers from Nordic Scandinavian.  this means Canada has been a nation of immigrants  1910:
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