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HUMA 2435
Kispal- Kovacs Kovacs

Lecture 06 US Broadcasting Policy Relationship between US & Latin America Characterized by dominance  Radio  Started as „wireless telegraphy‟  Numerous inventors created the various technologies that made radio possible  Used by the military before and during WWI (shipping; now have the ability to communicate from ship to ship/ship to shore= great way to convey; they could sense stress signals exp. rain & storms) Learned how to do it without wires & through the air  At end of WWII it was unclear which way radio would go.. Would it be a way of commuting information to each other? Religious institutions thought to use it as a way to inform listeners/ convey information  Too many people were talking at once & signals were being mixed… No real way of determining who should be on air & who shouldn’t Lobbied congress to limit number of voices on air  Used commercials to pay for ongoing costs Amateur and commercial broadcasters compete for control of the airwaves no resolution of who gets access to airwaves; certain amount of waves for each geographic area  The idea that government should regulate the behavior of individuals and institutions such a corporations Political trend that dominated American trends Progressivism: regulated by the state ; chaos will prevail without progressivism Behavior by individuals should be regulated  The Radio Act of 1927 Influenced by progressivism The idea that government should regulate the behavior of individuals and institutions such as corporation TV in the US is unique; By 1930’s radio was dominant form; used by government to keep individuals informed & institutions to reach out to individuals 1940-NBC was broken up due to litigation (into 2 parts: ABC& CBC) July 1941; TV
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