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chapter13 notes huma2740

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HUMA 2740
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

Chapter 13 Television News -nightly news broadcasts had a relatively slow start -these programs drew on 2 influences from older media: broadcast radio news that played and important role in shaping the way Americans thinks about WW2 and the atrical newsreel great depression and the way Americans saw the broader world around them - new reels had been produced regularly since 1904 -both influences convey the concerns of producing info within a commercial context: advertising on radio and admission prices for newsreels -broadcast radio news developed a set of rules that would carry over to television the news was delivered by an announcer, someone with an authoritative voice who read out the stories from newspapers live-on location reporting also became very popular during 1930-40s -since on location reporting via video was not technologically feasible, early network news relied primarily upon licensing film footage shot by newsteel companies -not until 1950s they were able to make their own news programs and move to multi-sponsor system of advertising -new was seen as a commercially sustained information medium, the nightly network news was clearly on the side of capitalism, and its outlook was shaped by defense of free markets and the championing of the emerging consumer society that became synonymous with the “American way of life” -enemy of this system was “totalitarian “state capitalism” developed by stalin and his successors in the Soviet Union -reporting of foreign affairs always brought up a question is this or that country on our side of theirs -in 1950s when radio and movies declined more people looked into news to have an awareness of whats going on in the community around them -the news network served as a “loss leader” designed to entice television viewers to devote their ev
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