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HUMA 2740
Kispal- Kovacs Kovacs

Film Lecture 4 September 29, 2011 Hollywood as a Genre System; Adopted genres existing in other arts (ex.. art literature and genres unique to film (ex.. Charlie Chaplin)  Attempt to make businesses more profitable  GENRE=TYPE  A form of product differentiation: rules they would have to follow  A system of classification  A category of critical analysis Genre: a set of stories, at large that relate to society  Film Genre Reader, Barry Grant … (“genre movies are those commercial…”)  Make bulk of films produced in Hollywood  “Genres hold the world in place, establishing and enforcing….” : pg77?  CASE STUDY: THE EARLY WESTERN FILM & EMPIRE BUILDING Westerns are usually stories that are set in the period between 1865-1900 They usually take place in the continental US between the Mississippi River & the Pacific Ocean 1865;last year of Civil War White settlers were moving & taking over land that was promised to Aboriginals America transforms itself into continental empire; takes place in period where ‘westerns’ are set Western are concerned with elegizing the growth of America  ANTECEDENTS OF THE WESTERN FILM 1) In the frontier stories of James Fenimore Cooper in the early 19 century 2) The dime novels of the urban 1880’s and after which provided a fascinated urban public with tales of the Wild West and its outlaw heroes 3) The Wild West shows – beginning in the 1883, a man named Buffalo Bill Cody brought his circus-like show to audiences in the eastern US and to Europe. The cinema follows shortly after  Wild West shows= cross between theatre & circus  NOT sophisticated; very simplistic stories  *CHARCACTERISTIC
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