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[Lecture # 4] Homer Iliad Homer? (750 BC) -Blind Beggar -Sang song for livelihood -Don’t know where he’s from -Odyssey; more mature than Iliad st -1 literature of our traditions -Bard (singer); showered with gifts from community - Iliad & Odyssey were composed not written; sung and then performed = Oral tradition -external evidence: Greek writing was lost and re-introduced (800 BC) • What did he write the poems on? • Historical figure? • Did he even exist? • No one knows if it was the same person who composed the two poems The History of Homeric Epics -the Mycenaeans Greeks) (1600-1200 BC; right before DarkAges) -Agamemnon (King of Mycenae)  Powerful kingdom/King -The predominant use of Bronze weapons reflects the BronzeAge  Iron Age was after; iron treated like a commodity, a valuable -the Odyssey and Iliad reflects the time period they were written Iliad [Ilias (Story of Troy)] - Story of 10 year battle of troy - The war was fought over Helen (hottest women in Greece) - Menelaus’wife (Helen) was kidnapped - Agamemnon (Menelaus’Brother) - They agree to start war to get Helen back - The Iliad focuses on the last year of the war  Story of one character and the wrath of his anger Achilles, and the consequences of his anger  Respected, strong, good fighter  Doesn’t rule over a kingdom, but respected for his abilities  Achilles captures a slave girl (Brisies, Trojan), but is forced to give her up to Agamemnon  Achilles is mad and refuses to fight  The Greeks start to lose terribly because there is noAchilles  Proclus (best friend of Achilles) older mentor  ConvincesAchilles to lend me his armour to impersonate him  He agrees  Proclus is then killed by Hektor  Achilles kills many Trojans inAnger  kills Hektor in the process  He refuses to
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