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York University
Information Technology
ITEC 1000
Radu Campeanu

Lecture 1 Information Age Characteristics Bussiness Depend on information Tech • Success in business largely determined by which information tech is used • Information tech = embeded in various products • increase in productivity Definitions • Data - Raw facts, not organized elementarty descrption. eg postal code/ 4 Types of Data Alphanumeric, IMage, Audio, Video • Alphanumeric data - Numbers Letters other characters • Information - collection of data organized • information procesed and organized to carry understanding, make info useful to particular task • Information Systems - collect processes, stores analyze information eg catalog • Knowledge - is the awareness and understanding of a set of information and the ways information can be useful Transformation Of Data • data - transforamation process- info • inforamtion - trans process- knowledge Type of Info • Accesible • accurate • Complete • Econmical • timley Information System • collects process stores analyze data • and disseminates info for specific purpose • eg york enrollment system • Componente scollect input manipulate process and sore and deeminate ouput data • input - activity of gathering and capturing raw data • process - converting transforming data • output - produce info • feedback is the information formt the system used to make changes Computer Based Information Systems CBIS Interrelated components • hardware - physical compnents of of a computer that perform input • Software - that govern operation of computer • Data - • Networks • people and procedures- people who manage IS department • Database - collection of facts info and data files • Telecommunication - transmission of signals for communications • Networks connect computers in building etc • All ^ = techonolgy infrastucture of a bussiness Used for • Collection and storage • organization of data into info • provide useful info • Examples: ATM, Course Reservation system Bussiness Information Systems • Is used in buss organizations: • E commerce systems - transaction excuted electronically such as ticketmaster online , efficent fast • Transation process systems - is an organized collection of people prodecdures software daabases and devices used to perfrom and record bussiness transactions • managment info systems Bussiness Is • Support activites of individuals in organization benefits all Transaction Processing Systems Transaction: Buss exchange • pay employees sales Transaction Processing System • IS - hardware, software, databases • recoreds transactions Functional information systems • adresses various types of employees • supports decisiion making in functional arease • eg financial manufacturing and management ERP • Enterprise Resour
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