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Information Technology
ITEC 1010
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Data  Raw unorganized facts or simple descriptions  Ex. postal code, street name or number, etc. Data Types  Alphanumeric – numbers, letters, digits, other characters  Image – graphic images, pictures, charts  Audio – sounds, tones  Video – moving images Information  Collection of data organized in a meaningful way  Ex. mailing address Knowledge  Understanding of information and ways to make the information useful for a task Quality of Information  accurate ● flexible  simple ● reliable  secure Information System (IS)  Collects, processes stores, analyses & distributes information for a specific purpose  Ex. York Enrolment System Computer-Based Information System  Set of interrelated components together processing data to provide useful information (feedback mechanism) Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)  Form of integrated systems; supports planning management resources and their use Five Forces Model  Rivalry among competition  Threat of new entrants  Threat of substitute products/services  Bargaining power of customers  Bargaining power of suppliers Software Significance  Allows computers to implement data processing Computer Program  Sequence of instructions for computer Programming  Process of writing programs Stored Program Concept  Programs are stored in computer’s memory Documentation  Written description of program functions Registers  Store very small amounts of data and instructions for short periods of time Arithmetic-Logic Unit (ALU)  Performs instructions from instruction set (data movement, arithmetic operations, etc.) Primary Storage (Main Memory)  Stores data, instructions, and operation system programs during program execution Secondary Storage  Stores very large amount of data for extended periods of time Machine Language  Composed of binary digits Assembly Language  Lower-level but more user-friendly – assembler translates assembly language into machine language Proc
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