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ITEC 3010

Systems Analysis and Design I ITEC3010 – Fall 2010 – Luiz Cysneiros Lecture 11 – Review – Nov 30 Integrity Controls to Prevent Fraud - Three conditions are present in fraud cases o Personal pressure, such as desire to maintain extravagant lifestyle o Rationalizations, including “I will repay this money” or “I have this coming” o Opportunity, such as unverified cash receipts - Control of fraud requires both manual procedures and computer integrity controls Designing Security Controls - Security controls protect assets of organization from all threats o External threats such as hackers, viruses, worms, and message overload attacks - Security control objectives o Maintain stable, functioning operating environment for users and application systems (24 x 7) o Protect information and transactions during transmission outside organization (public carriers) Security for Access to Systems - Used to control access to any resource managed by operating system or network - User categories o Unauthorized user – no authorization to access o Registered user – authorized to access system o Privileged user – authorized to administrate system - Organized so that all resources can be accessed with same unique ID/password combination Managing User Access - Most common technique is user ID / password - Authorization – Is user permitted to access? - Access control list – us
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