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York University
Information Technology
ITEC 3210
Stan Xiao Li

ITEC 3210 Summer 2013 Assignment 2 Due: Wednesday July 31st by 6:00pm at Assignment Drop Box #16 (with my name on it, TEL building, 3 floor) Instructions: • This is a team assignment, and a team can have up to 4 students • Teams MUST work independently • Answers MUST be typed (please include all team members' names and numbers) though the diagram could be drawn manually. • Peer evaluation 10% (please submit peer evaluation individually to the same drop box) PART 1: Network Performance (54 Marks) Three important network performance indicators are: 1) Availability: percentage of time a network is up and running; 2) Response time: time a network takes to respond a request; 3) Scalability: How well a network can adapt to increased or decreased demands. Provide 3 different ways to improve each of the 3 performance indicators, and explain why. You should not use the same way more than once for the 3 indicators. PART 2: Network Design (23 Marks) Classic Catalog Company runs a small but rapidly growing catalog sales business. It has outsourced its Web operations to a local ISP for several years but as sales over the Web has become a larger portion of its business; it has decided to move its Web site onto its own internal computer systems. It has also decided to undertake a major upgrade of its own internal networks. The company has two building: an office complex and a warehouse. The 2-story office complex building has 20 computers. The first floor has 10 computers devoted to telephone sa
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