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Lecture 7

ITEC 4030 Lecture 7: HC 491 Week 3 Homework

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Information Technology
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ITEC 4030
Younes Benslimane

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Chapter 5 1. Describe how we measure the clinical performance of an HCO as a whole? For example, can you aggregate good performance in cardiology and poor performance in obstetrics, and say “overall, performance is average”? We measure the clinical performance of an HCO as a whole using the operational scorecard template for any service line that contains the different details in the demand and quality measures. In most applications, a few measures are selected in each dimension for goal setting. In the scorecard you have the clinical service lines, nursing support, clinical support, and office of quality management. The demand is evaluated by the accounting systems which give the details of the data on the kind of service, such as the demand for care. It can also be measured by the patient scheduling and intake systems. The epidemiologic planning model constructs demand forecasts from available community information. It is also used to evaluate effectiveness. The model can construct benchmarks for major clinical events and can be compared to actual demand to identify overuse or underuse. The national quality measure clearing house is a service that provides detailed information on definitions, adjustments, scientific foundation, and rationale for measure and measure sets. A hierarchical array links related measures. The clearing house is the starting point for any discussion of clinical performance measurement. The leapfrog group also advocates performance improvement practices and surveys HCOs o assess their compliance. P4P initiatives are collaborations with providers and other stakeholders to ensure that valid quality measures are used, that outcomes are measures are true indicators of quality of care that providers are not being pulled in conflicting directions, and that providers have support for achieving actual improvement (white, 168-72). Chapter 6 1. Describe how an institution can ensure that its medical staff plan is realistic? List the specific steps you think would be important, and which would make a reassuring checklist when presented to physicians and to the governing board. There are six major functions that can be used to ensure the medical staffs plan is realistic. Those are: 1. Achieve excellent care 2. Credential and delinquent privileges 3. Plan and implement physician recruitment 4. Provide clinical education for physicians and other professionals 5. Communicate and resolve unmet needs 6. Negotiate and maintain compensation arrangements Each step must be achievable by the designated team members, so they will need the training, information, suppl
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