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ITEC 4030

Business Process Management Systems ITEC 4030 – Winter 2011 – Peter Khaiter Lecture 4 – Scoping an Enterprise Process – Jan 19 Phase 1 – Scoping - Activities o Set explicit process performance targets o Define process boundaries o Identify key process issues o Understand / be aware of best practices o Outline data collection plan o Plan for process modeling (Baselining) - Deliverables o Process Scoping Report - Key Participants o Process owners o Customers o BPR team Phase 2 – Modeling, Analysis & Redesign - Activities o Continue data collection (sampling) o Model AS-IS baseline process o Analyze and diagnose AS-IS process o Design and model TO-BE process o Analyze TO-BE alternatives and select best one o Plan for the process integration - Deliverables o Software-based process model o Process reengineering report - Key participants o Process participants o BPR team Phase 3 – Planning Process Integration - Activities o Examine alternative IT integration options o Adjust process design o Plan for the process implementation - Deliverables o Process integration plan - Key participants o IS design team o BPR team 1.3 Identify Key Issues - What: Get customer input and flag areas requiring attention - How: o BPR team collect data (questionnaires/interviews) from customers o Key issues are summarized in 2 forms:  SWOT analysis assesses the process (current situation and how to improve it)  Assessment of work environment around the process • IT infrastructure
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