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Business Process Management Systems ITEC 4030 – Winter 2011 – Peter Khaiter Lecture 3 – Principles & Tactics of Process Redesign for E-Business – Jan 17 Principle 0: Streamline - Remove valueless activities: o Different from real value added activities o Different from business value added activities - Simplify the process: o Reduce complexity / remove unnecessary tasks or paperwork o Standardize / automate the process - Consolidate similar activities to reduce handoffs - Improvements in time delays, cost, capacity, quality, etc. Restructure It: 1-Lose Wait - Squeeze out the waiting time in a process - Tactics: o Allow for concurrent execution of time-sequential activities o Set up closed-loop teams that cross specializations (case work) o Do not delay core value-adding process (credit check by sales clerk) Restructure It: 2-Orchestrate - Let the swiftest / most able enterprise execute - Tactics : o Insource o Outsource o Work with new partners Restructure It: 3-Mass-Customize - Allow for any time, any place, any way (in shorter time) - Tactics : o Make time and space boundaries more flexible o Allow different outcomes through a common process (modular architecture) o Implement a “build-to-order” process Restructure It: 4-Synchronize - Have the physical and electronic parts of the process work in concert with each other - Tactics : o Match offerings on physical and virtual parts of a process o Enable synchronization between both parts of the
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