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ITEC 4030

Business Process Management Systems ITEC 4030 – Winter 2011 – Peter Khaiter Lecture 8 – Foundations of Business Integration – Feb 2 BPM and Business Integration - BPM: o A business view of BPM: Set of business processes that can be defined, optimized and managed o A technical view of BPM: Development using software designed for creating, executing, and monitoring business processes - Business integration: o Exchange of business-critical information between applications in real time (Yee and Apte 2001) o Highest level of optimization of a business process o 35% of all IT spending is for [business] integration (Gartner Group) - Software used for BPM: o Graphical tools: For business process modeling and design o Workflow: System and human o Integration technologies: Application servers, adapters, etc. o Business activity monitoring Business Integration: Challenges and Areas - Some challenges of business integration: o Multiple architectures, Multiple platforms, multiple protocols o Proliferation of independent COTS applications o Different data formats, different semantic value - Two main areas of business integration: o Intra-enterprise integration: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) o Inter-enterprise integration: B2B integration Business Integration Requirements - Process integration o Build BP: Modeling o Run BP: Execution o Manage BP: BAM (dashboard + OLAP) + BP adjustment (business rules + resource allocation) - Application integration o Build a “point of access” for the multiple applications involved in the integration  Automate (end-to-end) business process activities  Implement human workflow to improve exception management: quick resolution + reduced risk - Data integration o Allow for data consistency to have an application access data of another application  Translations: Syntax and Semantics  Tools (Parser + adapter) and platform-independent way of representing data (XML) -
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