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York University
Information Technology
ITEC 4030

Business Process Management Systems ITEC 4030 – Winter 2011 – Peter Khaiter Lecture 7 – Using Computer-Based Applications to Redesign Business Processes – Jan 31 Planning Process Integration - Activities o Examine alternative IT (and IT) integration options o Adjust process design o Plan process implementation - Deliverable: Process integration plan - Key participants: IS design team + BPR team - Focus on the design of IT solutions that: o Support/shape critical BPs (such as procurement, production and sales) o Allow for business integration (BPMS, EAI, ERP, etc.) Overview of the role of IT - A business process is a coordinated chain of activities […] consisting of: o Human activities (also known as human workflow) o Business system (IT) activities (also known as automated activities) o Combination of human and systems activities  Map IT (and required data) to each task in the redesigned business process - The role of IT in a redesigned business process is to: o Support/shape that business process o Provide for the:  Execution of the redesigned process and the capture the process execution data  Business activity monitoring (i.e. set of reporting tools for process owners/managers)  User portal that allows end-users to participate in the process execution  Admin portal used by process owners/managers to deploy and manage the process Revisited Context - Done: o "Best" TO-BE process is selected o Modeling of TO-BE defines IT requirements - Next: o Use existing computer-based apps to support the TO-BE process AND/OR o Define specs and build new computers based app(s) needed for the TO- BE process - Then: o Implementation of the TO-BE process o Maintenance of the IT application(s) and the TO-BE process - Business Integration also known as BPM as the ultimate objective: o BPM: Discipline of modeling, automating, managing and optimizing a business process (Khan , 2004) o BPM implies the use of BPMS that execute the redesigned business process and monitor its performance Computer-Based Apps: A Classification - Classification based on hierarchy in organizations (Anthony 1965) o Computer-based apps used at the operational level:  Operational systems or TPS: Used to collect, store, process and disseminate data related to an organization’s daily transactions  Can be departmental systems (Ex: ordering systems, inventory management systems), enterprise systems (Ex: Workflow systems, ERPs) or inter-organizational systems (Ex: EDI, VAN, AA Sabre, etc.)  Typically developed using the SDLC methodology (software can be off-the-shelf) o Computer-based apps used at the managerial level:  Managerial systems: Used for short-term planning, organizing, control (Ex: MIS, DSS)  Typically developed using prototyping o Computer-based apps used at the level of top managers: Strategic-level systems: Used to support decision made by top managers ( strategic systems) (Ex: EIS) o Other: Knowledge Management System (KMS), Office Automation System (OAS), Groupware TPS Basics - Transactions: o Events that occur as part of doing business o Sequence of database operations - TPS (AKA OLTP) o Include departmental/functional, cross functional or cross organizational systems o Capture and process data arising from occurrence of business transactions - Transaction processing cycle: o Data entry using POS terminals (optical scanners and card readers), clients (online ordering systems), etc. o Transaction processing: Real-time or batch processing o Database maintenance: Updates in databases follow occurrence of transactions o Output, report generation and queries - Dat
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