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Lecture 25

ITEC 1000 Lecture 25: ITEC 1000 Lecture 25 Notes

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Information Technology
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ITEC 1000
Christianne Stephens

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ITEC 1000 Lecture 25 Notes Instant Messaging Privacy, Privacy and Personal Sensing Devices Introduction On the other hand, the use of email among public officials might violate open meeting laws. These laws, which apply to many local, state, and federal agencies, prevent public officials from meeting in private about matters that affect the state or local area. A 14year employee was fired from SunTrust Mortgage for sending a racially insensitive chain email she received at work. Using instant messaging (IM) to send and receive messages, files, and images introduces the same privacy issues associated with email. As with email, federal law permits employers to monitor instant messages sent and received by employees. Employers major concern involves IMs sent by employees over their employers IM network or using employerprovided phones. To protect your privacy and your employers property, do not send personal or private IMs at work. Here are a few other tips Choose a nonrevealing, nongenderspecific, unprovocative IM screen name (Sweet Sixteen, 2hot4u, UCLAMBA, all fail this test). Dont send messages you would be embarrassed to have your family members, colleagues, or friends read. Do not open files or click links in messages from people you do not know. Never send sensitive personal data such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or passwords via IM. CNN International fired a 20year veteran and senior editor for publishing a Twitter message that lamented the death of a Lebanese Shiite cleric who was an early mentor and spiritual leader of the militant group Hezbollah.
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