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Lecture 9

ITEC 2600 Lecture 9: ItEc 2600 notes

Information Technology
Course Code
ITEC 2600
Xiaofeng Zhou

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TEC 2600 MatLab Chapter 1
What is MatLab
Short for Matrix Laboratory, Solves any technical problems
High level language, computer program for technical computing and
simulation, Numerical computation and visualization without intensive
programming knowledge
For MatLab always state the letters so for example m=100
NaN= Not a number
Variable Names must begin with a letter followed by letters, digits. No spaces
is allowed
Very case sensitive
If you put a semicolon at the end of a statement it will suppress the output
Spaces in statement does not affect the result
help can be used to identify MatLab functions
who list all variables in the current active workspace in alphabetical order
who’s is information of all variable in the current active workspace in
alphabetical order
clear- clears out all variables
clear variable list clears out a certain variable
It can be created using values, variables, built in function
format long changes the format to long
format short changes the format to short
format loose and format compact used to control spacing between MatLab
command/expression and result
Every expression or variable has a type that comes with it
Float or real numbers - Single and double
Integers: int8, int16, int32, and int64 they represent number of bits used to
store values of that type
unsigned integer: uint8, uint16, uint32, and uint64, only be positive number
or 0
Range can be found using intmin and intmax
Math operators: +,_,*,^
xor is true if one and only one is true
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