ITEC 2610 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Java Development Kit, Cmd.Exe, Moodle

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York University
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
School of Information Technology
AP/ITEC 2610-A: Object-Oriented Programming
Summer 2016
Assignment #2
Due Date: July 26, 2014 (by 11:55 PM) via Moodle
This Assignment is worth ten marks (10%) of the total final grade.
Submit both source files (.java, not .class) using Moodle.
Please do not submit your assignment in any other form. Doing so will result in lost marks.
See FAQ file on for late assignment rules.
Make sure your code compiles and runs under the JDK available in the ITEC labs using the Command
Prompt in Windows. Code that does not compile will receive 0 marks. Claims like "although it does
not compile with JDK, it works under my favorite IDE" will not be considered. It is recommended to try
and compile your program on one of the computers in the TEL labs.
In this assignment you will create a Java GUI program to collect from the user a data set of your choice,
subject to the requirements below. You cannot use any of the examples in Chapter 19.
Your Task
Create two classes following the model shown in Chapter 19. Assuming your data form’s subject is X
(though I expect better names), you need to provide the following classes:
1. XFormFrame, as a subclass of JFrame, responsible for creating and operating the form
2. XFormViewer, your main program responsible for creating the frame and displaying it
Your form must meet the following content requirements:
1. All components must be organized into panels
2. It must use both BorderLayout and GridLayout
3. It must contain at least one of each of the following controls:
a. Labels (where needed in conjunction with other controls, and/or as informational text)
b. Text fields
find more resources at
find more resources at
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