KINE 1000 Lecture Notes - Multiple Choice, Health Promotion, Food Desert

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Published on 28 Nov 2012
Unit: Space, Place and Health: Food Deserts
Multiple choice questions:
1. The authors of “mapping the evolution of „food deserts‟ in a Canadian city” take a
__________approach to food consumption behaviours and related health outcomes?
a. Health promotion approach
b. Neo-liberal approach
c. Social determinants of health approach
d. A and C
2. The authors‟ analysis of “accessibility” to grocery stores was equated using the following
a. Measuring a distance of 1000 meters between home and grocery store
b. Measuring a distance of 500 meters between home and grocery store
c. Measuring a distance of 750 meters between home and grocery store
d. Comparative satisfaction surveys between those who live in a food desert and
those that do not
3. In “Mapping the evolution of „food deserts‟” Larsen and Gilliland argue that their research
shows that spatial inequalities in access to supermarkets in the City of London, Ontario,
a. Decreased over time
b. Increased over time
c. Remained the same since 1961
d. None of the above
4. Improving the quality of social determinants of health is more relevant to:
a. A downstream approach to health
b. An upstream approach to health
c. A biomedical approach to health
d. None of the above
** Class exercise will be introduced in tutorial!
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