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Lecture 13

KINE 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Gender Role, Heterosexism, Bit Error Rate

Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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January 5, 2015
Medical news
-it may happen that you can randomly get cancer (even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, etc)
-Research from Johns Hopkins Medicine
Medial studets stud “eifield haates to idetif pshiati disodes
How do we make our citizens healthier?
-By eliminating poverty
-Education? Ist eough
-Distribution of wealth? (rich is getting richer, poor is getting poorer)
European countries are good at keeping the gap between rich and poor very close together
Midterm average 53%
Breaking Paradigms
-To challenge and change those ideas required imagination, guts, and a bit of deviance
-Women fighting for their rights 70-s
-Blaks fightig fo thei ights s
-Sometimes fighting has a tremendous price (Guys at Olympics, got kicked out, family served the
-Chage ist eas eause e eithe dot ealise e eed to hage o eause e dot
realise it is not easy
January 7, 2015
Winter Term Assignment- Leisure Mapping Essay
o Due: Curtis Lecture Hall L on Monday, February 23, 2015 and turn it into turnitin
o 7 pages double spaced + references page + time map + title page
o Time map can be 1-4 pages, depending on how you do it
Step 1: Create a time map of your daily activities over the course of a typical seven-day week
o Where you are doing main activities
o Monday-Sunday, break each down into 24 hours, 1 hour time slots
o State main activity in each slot
o Word-processed in 12 point times new roman
o Dot eed oe ih agis, ad dot eed to ue pages
o Formal map, 1 hour unit of time
o Dot etio ho log eah atiit takes
o They may be repetition in time map
o Make sue it doest see like thee is a gap o hole i ou ok, state eethig ou
do generally
Step 2: reflect on what your time map says about how you take up leisure. Then decide what
you think is the most relevant sociocultural factors
o What is saying about the activities that occur in your life
o What leisure activities do I do and when?
o How much leisure time is there in my week?
o How long are my periods of leisure activity?
o Socioculture factor: social class, gender, race, class capitals, social determinants of
find more resources at
find more resources at

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Step 3: locate six outside sources to help you explain and argue for the socio-cultural factors you
identified as most relevant
o Two books
o Two peer-reviewed journal articles
o Two government sources
Step 4: write a 7 page essay. Explain and argue the socio-cultural factors you identified as most
relevant .
o Thesis and sustained supporting argument
o No quotes and correct use of APA in-text citations
o Intro paragraph (half page, explain what your essay is about, state your thesis, and what
socioculture is most relevant to your time map) body essay (number of paragraphs,
start new paragraph whenever you start a new idea. One paragraph summarizing what
your time map is saying about your life, and explaining and arguing why chosen factors
are most relevant ones shaping your leisure, this is when you bring in info from outside
sources, site sources!) conclusion paragraph (highlight most important point in essay,
and bring essay to close with that)
Step 5: create an APA reference page for your sources
o Correct APA style
o No more than one page long (double spaced)
o Need to do APA in text citation
January 13, 2015
The Egg and the Sperm
How science has constructed a romance based on stereotypical male-female roles
To fall i loe atile To Fall i Loe ith Aoe, Do This you can make this happen
o You can actually provoke it
o How to:
-sit down with someone you like and go through 36 questions, from simple questions
(when was the last time you cried and why, when was the last time you sang, etc)
-after you do this, the ou look staight ito eah othes ees fo  iutes
-AND BAM, you fall in love
Eil Mati sas steeotpes ot ol that feale iologial poesses ae less oth tha
their male counterparts but also that women are less worthy than e
o Why do we do that?
o Sperm
-Has the strength and the power
-Competitive, aggressive
-Brave, Leader
o Egg
-Passive, waiting for the sperm
-Compensated with the strongest sperm
-Useless until a sperm gives meaning to her existence
David H. Freedman said that we have it all long
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find more resources at

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o Says that the egg has more value than you think
The reality
o “pe ist as stog as e suppose
o The role of the egg is far more active; the egg is what grabs the sperm and pulls it into
the surface of the egg
Wh ist it thought i suh a a that the egg is oe poeful? Wh? Who eefits fo oe
version than the other? Why is it so hard to change it?
Woody Allen
o Eethig ou alas ated to ko aout se ut ee afaid to ask
o Parody of the reproductive process
o An atypical representation of sperms
o ‘epesets spe as afaidone of the first movies
*shows scene from the movie
Male-female Representations
o It is lea to Mati that ou iologial otios of hat eggs ad spes do ae oe
the result of stereotypical ideas of male and female social roles than scientific facts
January 14, 2014
The Egg and the Sperm 1
Who benefits? Who is affected negatively by it (genderizing the egg and sperm)?
Schizophrenia; could be connected with an infection... (Doctors are recently saying this)
Amazing productivity or waste?
o Mati odes h the ales ast podutio is ot see as asteful.
o Yet, these tets dot etio spes as aste
o Martin started thinking why this was so
New Research, old imagery
o We at sa e ad oe ae the sae that would be absurd
o And when it comes to education as well, we think of women as less educated (but times
have changed, women are too doctors, CEO, etc)
-% of CEOs i Noa ae oe
-things are changing
o Even in sports, women have been excluded forever, but things are changing
Joh Hopskis Uiesits La
o 1984, group of scientists discovered that Egg traps the sperm and adhere to it so tightly
that the spes head ...
o It too over 3 years for scientists to accept the new relationship between the egg and the
Social Implications of a New Paradigm
o Want to now show women are more than just a lady in waiting
o oe as dageous ad aggessie theat
o The fee fatale sdoe, oe ho itiize e is a diffiult oept fo ou
Western society
-diffeet oept, diffiult to udestad eause its alas ee the othe a
o We now have to accept that we have to share the social, economic pie with women
Why is there so much emphasis on competition?
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