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Body As a Machine
Mind body dualism effects how we think today
-Mind-body dualism: concept is that it is two separate things,
-Mind: non physical, immortal, the self and important, continues to live after your
physical body is gone
-Body: corporeal, temporary, a tool and superficial, the atoms in your body recycle
and you share your physical nature will continue to change,
Rene Descartes: father of western philosophy, introduced idea of mind body
dualism, he was a reductionist (the way that you think, you question everything)
-Waves of Doubt:
-1st wave: we cannot trust our sense,
-2nd wave of doubt: it is difficult to experience dreams when we are asleep,
compared when your awake, (what if we are all dreaming)
3rd wave: If we doubt god we have to doubt everything
4th wave: Evil Genius/demon: your reality is created by an evil genius who is
playing a trick on you
-He created I think therefore I am: the only way you can understand why you exist
is when you contemplate whether your real, so if you think then you must be real
and exist, you can then build your foundation for everything
-Descartes felt that only humans have a soul and that animals don't, and when you
cut an animal it doesn't scream out in pain, (it's response is due to a mechanical
stimuli), thus he studied and cut living animals and studied their mechanical
-the problem with the external world: matrix: everything around us is just singles,
giving us interpretations about what we should see, the world and environment
deceives us
-In sport culture we put our body through physical conditioning to shape them to
preform in a given way, as a tool, where coaches pick and trade athletes
-Prosthetic limbs which connect to the body and nerve singles and wired into a
persons brain
-in science we can rebuild the body, and causes individuals apprehension for injury
to go down,
-Coaches pressure athletes to play through injury, telling them to suck it up,
-Body can be complete shut down, but your mind can force someone to go through
these difficult struggles and continue to push further
Body as a Machine part 2
-Mind and body are separate from one another, and we hold one more valuable than
the other, (body as tool to the mind)
-from 17th century body becomes an object for machinery
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-The athletic body was seen as a better way to understand human movement and
-in 20th century science changed to to pursue athletes for success
-Technology body habitus (habitus is our sense of belong and others in the world)
-Michel Foucault: the body is seen as a useful body that can be shaped tools, which
is useful for being tamed monitored, supervised, and for the needs of society
-The power and knowledge of the body is linked together
-We take more risks because the body is fixable, and encourages risk taking
-Doctor patient interaction is poor, and disconnected that there are situations where
the patient doesn't even need to be conscious,
-This concept begins to make people resists the fact the body is not a machine, and
using computerized technology but emphasizes human connection and emotions
and humanity
-Emotion risks negative impact on performance so athletes must develop emotional
Food Deserts
-Food is mainly focused on fatness and obesity, mainly the consequence
-there is a personal relationship with food
-Food is a site power where complex cultural and political meanings are
reproduced, and how food is a social construction
-Food is a celebration, for affection care and concern, such as cake to celebrate,
thanksgiving, religious holidays, food as medicine,
-Traditions that have been created have been socially constructed
-When there is a huge amount of food available, there is also a large amount of
-There is another industry about dieting, and focus on the idea that people are
continuously trying to lose weight, and that it is easy to lose weight, but difficult to
keep it off
-There are governing bodies that has competitions and rankings for individuals who
can eat a lot, Major league eating (MLE)
-There are regulations for competitions
Food Deserts II
-There are growing contradictions with food, that is is pleasurable but then you are
restricted because you must diet
-Parents cant afford to pay for food at school,
-food at school has junk food which is cheaper than a salad
-There is a industry focused on supplying more food options to consider and
stimulating demand, such as marketing campaign "roll up the rim"
-paradox( contradictions) in the media (biggest loser)
-Food security "all people at all times have access to sufficient safe and nutritious
food to maintain health ad active life"
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