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Hit Crunch and Burn Organised Violence and Men Sport
With no force or fighting I hockey, the sport will suffer
Majority of sports don’t allow fighting, and athletes are penalized for it, but hockey
is different. It is accepted to fight, for example an advantage.
Fighting may be caused by defending ones pride and honour
Peaceful side and friendship of sport I highlighted created controversy
Tough Guise: guys put up a front to get respect from others,
Boys learn as being a real man that you can only show certain parts of qualities that
you can express, independent, powerful, respectful, tough,
There are also certain qualities or things you get called if you don’t match up to
societies ideologies, fag, pussy etc, (insults to conform you)
The media system defines manhood across all racial and ethnic groups, since there
are so little representation of them, (Asians as martial artists etc)
Medias construct violent masculinity as a deviated norm
Changes in sports may be caused by money, the influence of gaining or losing
Decrease in the number of children playing hockey,
Coaching Power and our Body
Coaches putting up a list of players who make the team, or the players who are cut,
or there are one on one meetings with each player
Coaches have unknown power
Ben Johnson had his medal taking away, because he was tested for drug use, this
resulted in Canada developing strict regulations about being tested anytime for drug
Firth Estate documentary (crossing the line), sexual abuse in sports. Athletes who
were sexually abused by their coaches, Athletes felt powerless when they were
abused. Parents play a role in this telling coaches to work athletes harder.
There is an image where the coach is extremely authoritarian, and athletes opinon is
not taking into recognition
Coach and physician responsible for Ben Johnson taking steroids, he came from a
poor background and was influenced by the idea of money which the coaches threw
out him, leading him to take steroids
Coaches are role models, such as smoking or drinking,
Coaching and Olympics
Culture of sport expects athletes to take the abuse, if they complain they can leave
the team
In south Korea 6 female skaters complained about complaining about their athletes
and were kicked off the team, price to pay for raising a voice
The athletes abuse was secondary to winning (coach needed to win)
Coaching as caring leaders, female gymnast was lead to a eating disorder because
her weight inhibited her from winning, and leading to organ failure and dying
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Any sport that requires thinness or weight control is set up for eating disorder
Previously individuals could just take a weekend course and coach a group of
Most coaching jobs in Canada are voluntary, profession not awarded with money
Coaching clubs, these jobs go to parents that volunteer
But around the world most coaches at every level get paid
It has been normalized for coaches to scream at athletes (verbal abuse), why is it
normalized in sport but not in the educational system, Culture has created this
Hazing: athletes abusing other athletes, this is unequal power relations, this is the
need to belong and being accepted
Hazing causes athletes to be downgraded
Educators and coaches agree that the best way to end hazing is to have a antihazing
message. Then implement a strong anti-hazing policy communicate it clearly, and
enforce it when the incident occurs
Coaches should create and implement a guiding sports philosophy that promotes
core ethical values
Coaches should link sports to other areas of an athletes life,
Priscila Uppal
Olympics was a celebration of sports an artists
Writing about sports you less of an artist, not as serious, because sport is a minor
topic or commercial topic
Athletes and artists both have a desire to push boundaries, experiment, sacrifice
anything for their interest, interested in beauty and aesthetics, form, excellence and
seeing how precise an individual can be
People argue whether to receive sports or artists facilities
There was artist competitions in the Olympics: architecture, etc, but must be about
Olympic Games
Olympics were mainly male oriented
Baron Pierre de Coubertin created the Olympics. He stated how women must be
banned from participating in the Olympics
Women’s participation has increased a lot, and it doesn’t make sense for people to
say that women should be banned from Olympics based on their lack of interest
Olympics were used by the Nazi’s and transformed it into a political propaganda,
Berlin Olympics was the largest Olympics even though 51 countries attended
Hitler was not in power when Olympics were given to Germany, 6 years prior to
Hitler’s ruling (1933), and he wasn’t interested in the Olympics anyway
He was against the Olympics, but then was convinced to use the Olympics to
advertise the Nazi’s
The Olympic comity requested to Hitler to have the best athletes to attend, (Jewish
player). They were forced into it though
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Helen who was Jewish did the Nazi solute when she came in second, she did it
because she did not want to die, and her family as well
Max Scheing beat the best boxer in the world which boosted Germany as being
The Torch was a Nazi idea, from Greece all the way to Germany
Hitler believed the Olympics would be in Germany forever, but they lost the war
South Africa was banned from the Olympics due to racism, and other countries did
not want to participate if south Africa was invited
Olympics did not want to see civil rights, banning john carlos for his behaviour, and
even back in his country he was affected, his family and kids were affected by the
Some athletes were tested positive for drugs, but their results were hidden, but
some were banned from the Olympics
Science is behind the creation of drugs because you can’t really test things that are
Coke and mcdonalds are the two main sponsers for the Olympics
Health Promotion part 1
Superbowl is about men, machoism, hegenomic masculine view of the sport
Sports is where men are allowed to cry due to a loss,
Medicine is only one occupational group,
Healthcare and Medicine has dominated our understanding and study of health
Curative medicine is based on what doctors has been able to cure, less based on
Medicine is limited
Medicine requires us to change our understanding on health based on what
medicine can’t do
Looking at the upstream of health is looking at why people fall into this
downstream of health and disease, and what ways can we prevent it
There is a focus on a the downstream, such as increase in funding for medicine,
more doctors hospitals etc,
There is a neglect of structural issues, there is an ideology of choice, health
institutions continue to emphasize individual solutions to social problems, (a person
making their own choices such as not smoking)
This ideology of choice works to divide how we see people
Health is a strategy to divide individuals into groups, such as the person who is
healthy, (self control, will power), the unhealthy other (cant be contained, out of
Unhealthy individual is called out on their morals, and they fail in term of their
morals, for example people who smoke are bad, this creates dichotomies where we
put meaning and ranking amount people
Health Promotion part 2
Upstream: we need to look at social and political ways to improve our health
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