KINE 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Osteoporosis, Menopause, Alendronic Acid

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The Bare Bones of Sex: Part 1 Sex and Gender By: Anne Fautso-Sterling
Author starts describing how bones illustrate us about the physical labor we have performed in our
lifetime and also under which colonial regimes we have lived under author says bones can get thinner
or thicker
Bones indicate class, race and sex (or is it gender wait and see)
Culture shapes bones
Why have bones become more breakable in certain populations?
Authors states that dynamic system theories can answer all these question with regards to
social categories which act on bone production
Author asks to what extent we can understand bone formation as an effect of culture rather
than a passive unfolding of biology
Organisms current and future behaviors are shaped by past experiences via a direct effect on
the strength of connections between cells in the brain
Sex and Gender
o sex is rooted in Biology consists of genes and hormones, cells and organs
o we have relegated sex to the domain of biology and have allowed only scientists to have a
look at it
o we now believe sex is our ally to our gender
o sexual discrimination is in mens brains
Embodiment merges Biology and Culture
o sex/gender dualism nature/nurture
o sex is not fix/given
o we have to include body in social theory- this has been done in disability research studies
Sex and Gender in the World of Biology and Medicine
o an organization by the name of (SWHR) Society for Womens Health Research which is a
non-profit organization encourages the study of sex differences that may affect the
prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease and promotes the inclusion of women in
medical research
o body is described as a dynamic process out of which gender emerges
Why Bones
o bones show gendered division of labor, culture and biology
o Osteoporosis is a condition that reveals all of the problems of defining sex apart from gender
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