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KINE 1000 Lecture Notes - Physical Attractiveness

Kinesiology & Health Science
Course Code
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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Oct. 27/ 2012 KINE 1000 Lecture Notes
Lance Armstrong is helping raise millions of dollars every year for cancer research and
Some athletes are better at using drugs secretly without drug testers finding out about it.
Sexualisation of female athletes:
Al humans are created equally and they all have equal opportunities.
We watched a video which described the discrimination against women is the
Women athletes, in Olympics, are reaching achievements’ of men.
All most all of the women athletes are paid much less than men while putting the
same efforts as men.
Men view athlete women as just a sexual tool but nothing else.
Women’s physical attractiveness is the main reason why women are in sports.
Based on the Nike ad: It’s very problematic for women to be asking the society or
anyone who is in position of power for permission to play an active role in sports.
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