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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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KINE 1000
The characteristics of a good man and woman were discussed in the lecture.
Some characteristics of women didn’t exist in the past, and since it is here now, we conclude
that women have improved a lot.
There are significant number of people is born with a combined or complicated sex.
Depending on you sex you have to act according to your race and nothing should interfere.
We saw a poster with a photo of a woman skiing, we had to characterize her.
Would athletes who are no at the specific sport but good looking, make it to the media?
We may interpret an image in many different ways, depending on our point of view.
From an unknown country, comes the hottest athlete in the world.
We watched a video that talked about how women have been considered as a sexual tool.
people don’t see women athletes as athletes.
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