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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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Oct 24 Lecture notes
Summer Olympic participation of women has been increasing up to 46% in London
Men earn more than women
When women get involved in sports they have to follow rules made by men.
3% to 5% of media cover athletic women.
Much of your beliefs and ideology had been decided before you were born.
Women in beach volleyball were forced to wear bikini until London Olympics.
In beach volley ball whether you’re a man or a woman you make the same salary
(38000), Toronto was the first city to pay equally.
Women and men in tennis also make almost the same amount of money despite the fact
that women had to wear special kind of clothing.
Women were told, at Olympics, either you cannot compete or you can compete in certain
sports with certain rules.
In 1981 two women one from England and one from Venezuela were allowed to
participate in Olympics.
Media focuses more on the obesity issue rather than focusing on healthy living.
The journalists are just moving the news from resource to the audience without doing
any research or back ground check. They just read it if its reasonable they send it for
What is missing in obesity articles? It doesn’t present a solution specially related to life
style or the fact that not all fat people are unhealthy.
There is no concenuse in medical filed that obesity is bad.
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