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KINE 1000 Lecture Notes - Heterosexuality, Connotation, Denotation

Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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OCT/27-TUTORIAL/ KINE 1000 (326 Bethune 12:30 to 1:30 Wednesdays)
Sport and Representation
Women (heterosexuality)
- Emphasized in media representation
- Women are under represented
- Sport is highly masculinized and men are afraid that women would enter the sports and
take over them
- The reason why we keep women in sport is because they’re an entertainment for boys.
- Women sexualize themselves in order to make money and become a public figure, so
basically they’re sexualizing themselves to be considered something.
Sport is a form of cultural representation
- Sport can teach us lessons about the society that we grew up.
- Sport reproduces assumption about hegemony.
- Marginal groups: groups that are distinct from society (e.g. Chinese immigrants, people with
- Sport is informing of certain stereotypes in a society (e.g. black people run faster)
- In sports, representation is almost never neutral, the dominant group that is represented in
a way that benefits them; the marginal groups, when they are represented, it benefits the
dominant groups.
3 aspects of representation
1. Content and contest
- Let say you have a picture; content is everything that’s in that picture.
- Context is the text that surrounds that picture, which describes the picture. It’s the text that
describes the picture
2. Denotation and connotation
- Denotation is what we see.
- Connotation is the interpretation of what we see (everyone has different point of view).
3. Inter-textuality
- Between the text (e.g. it describes that one image gets its context and definition from
referring to another image). The means are inter textual because their relation to one
- To understand meanings across test where one refers to another.
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