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Lecture 11

KINE 2049 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Delphi Method, Internal Validity, VeganismPremium

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

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KINE 2049 F
October 30th
Lecture 11, Measurement in Research
We have dierent ways of measuring, depending on the type of study that you are
doing "
Observation "
direct: the subject knows the researcher is there, and that they are being observed.
In some cases they don’t care, but in other cases like if they’re kids, they do care "
indirect: you are videotaped, or through something like a one way mirror "
participant: the researcher is part of the situation. So the professor can be lecturing,
and making observations at the same time "
Physical measurements "
like weight or height, which can be measured directly "
Cognitive measurements "
are what you know. This is done through things like tests. "
Aective measurements "
measuring your feelings "
dicult to measure, and its usually done through self reporting, by people asking
you how you feel "
Questioning techniques "
Asking people what they think "
structured questionnaires: please indicate what you did this weekend "
unstructured questionnaire: what are you thinking about something "
Delphi technique: "
A technique for arriving at consensus."
Assume you have the things that are great about the KINE program, and a list of the
things that aren’t. What you do is take the lists and rank your top 5 and bottom 5. You
then add up how many people voted for each, then select the ones that people voted
for the most "
Validity "
Does the study measure what it is supposed to measure, and how confident are you
in the inferences you make from the results that you have drawn "
Internal validity "
how correct are you in inferring whatever you are going to infer from the data you
collected. In other words, how good is your experiment "
Face/logical validity: the test appears correct "
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