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Lecture 5

KINE 2049 Lecture 5: Lecture 5, Purpose of Research, October 2nd

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

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KINE 2049 F October 2nd Lecture 5, Purpose of Research The point of research is to try to develop new information, in an organized way, or to modify information that is already present Ulcers were rst widely believed to be caused by stress turns out it is actually caused by a bacteria in your stomach Best type of research possible is a Randomized controlled trial (RCT) randomly assigning people to groups we do this to get rid of alternate hypothesis Research ideas that we have come from asking the question why Axiom: a statement that is considered worthy or notable. It is an important idea. here are some scientic Axioms Amorality: knowledge and morality are two separate things. So if you have a stick, is it good or bad? well if i hit you with it its bad, but if i save you with it its a good stick. Its just a stick, its not good or bad Caution: accept new knowledge with caution, and always be skeptical Consistency: the same thing happens every time, like dropping something Determinism: you are able to gure out why things happen, using logical explanation empiricism: knowledge should be based on observation of data intelligibility: we have the ability to understand the world Parsimony: using simple explanations is always better Skepticism: knowledge can always be questioned and challenged Hypothesis: is an idea that you have to predict an event, that is testable and is based on facts from prior research You always state your research as the null hypothesis this is done so that it is always possible to falsify the hypothesis There are two types of hypothesis Directional (research) hypothesis Non Directional (Null) hypothesis Example: sugar makes kids hyperactive. The Null hypothesis for this is: There will be no dierence between the group of kids who eat sugar and those who dont A fact is a consistently observed event A theory puts together a lot of facts to try to explain how certain events are related to each other KINE 2049 F
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