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Lecture 7

KINE 2049 Lecture 7: Lecture 7, Research methods continued, October 11th

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 2049
Merv Mosher

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KINE 2049 F October 11th Lecture 7, Research methods continued The nal type of research category is human vs animal Animal uses animals for studies human uses humans for research Using animal research we can use: observational research gaining knowledge and information just by observing animals and plants Example Seals that can dive in the ocean, hold their breath for 30 minutes and be ne. How? Experimental research researchers decide to use animals as subjects to test treatments that are still in the developing stages to see if they are safe for human trials We use animals because theyre good for basic research we have high genetic similarity with them we have a high degree of control over them you can get a large sample of them easily Physical vs life sciences in life sciences it is harder and almost impossible to control every single aspect of the experiment, without there being some sort of extraneous variables Sampling procedures Population: the whole group that has one or more of the same characteristics. A population is whatever the researcher wants it to be. It could be everyone in Canada or everyone in the front row of the lecture, it is up to the researcher Sample: members of the population that act as a representative group of the entire population, because the population is too large to measure Children, women and seniors are seldom used in drug studies. The people used are usually young healthy white males. it is just assumed that the drug will work for everyone the drug companies always argue that it is too costly to involve other people in studies Variables its a characteristic or trait that you can measure or classify if the characteristic doesnt vary, then it is considered a constant If everyone had the same height, it would be a constant, but since everyones height is dierent, it is considered a variable KINE 2049 F October 11th Variables can also be labeled as qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative variable is a type of characteristic, like the colour of your hair or your religion or something. Quantitative is measured with numbers quantitative number variables can be split into discrete or continuous. Discrete is a whole number variable that cant be divided, like the number of family members you have. Continuous variables can be divided into fractions Dependant and independent variable independent variable: the variable that is man
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