Kine 4010 Course Outline 2012

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Term: Fall/Winter 2012-2013
Course Instructors:
Course Director and Instructor: Dr. J. Kuk, Rm 2002 Sherman Health Science Research Center
Course Instructor: Dr. M. Riddell, Rm 347 Norman Bethune College
Course Instructor: Dr. A. Belcastro, Rm 333B Norman Bethune College
Laboratory Coordinator & Course e-mail Correspondent: Chip Rowan, Rm. 358 Norman Bethune
Location: Curtis Lecture Hall (CLH) I
Time: Section A: 8:30 - 9:30 am Section B: 9:30 - 10:30 am Section C: Online
Course Web Page: Moodle (course information, lecture notes, announcements; grades, etc)
Expanded Course Description:
An examination of the components and principles of health and fitness with particular attention to
methods of evaluation and modification. Topics also include chronic disease, mental health,
nutrition, environmental health, national and global initiatives in health promotion, fitness test
protocols for occupational and sports applications and certifications for fitness professionals.
Course Learning Objectives
The purpose of this course is to assist students in developing an overview of the main concepts in the
area of health and fitness.
The specific objectives of the course are that students will be able to:
Demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge in health and fitness
Demonstrate knowledge of the terminology and nomenclature in health and fitness
Work individually or in a group to obtain and analyze fitness and health data.
Apply practical skills for assessing fitness, health and movement.
Laboratory Objectives:
Students will develop practical skills for administrating and interpreting of a variety of health and
fitness assessment procedures together with lifestyle counselling. All students will personally
undergo the health and fitness tests covered in the laboratories. Thus, it is imperative that students
attend laboratories dressed in activity appropriate clothing with their lab manual.
Course Materials: (there is no course text)
A. Lecture Notes (available on Moodle)
B. Lecture Recordings (will be available on Moodle)
C. Laboratory Manual (available for purchase in the York University Bookstore do not purchase
lab manuals from previous years as we are using a new manual this year)
1. Laboratory Participation & Hand-Ins (20%): Students MUST PARTICIPATE in the
laboratory sessions and, at the completion of each session, must hand in to the laboratory
demonstrator a completed Laboratory Data Sheet (which is contained in the Lab Manual
Photocopies will NOT be accepted). You will be graded equally on your participation and the
quality of your hand-in. Together these are valued at 2% per laboratory. You can miss two
laboratories without penalty. However, each additional missed lab, for ANY reason will each
result in a loss of 2% (Note: students who have or develop medical/physical limitations are
expected to attend laboratories and participate to the degree possible). Your highest 10 lab
marks will be used to determine your grade.
2. Guest Lecture Reflection Write-Up (2%): Students must write a 1 page (double spaced)
reflection in response to the guest lectures on mental health and/or time management. For
example, how has the lecture affected your awareness of your mental health or others around
you? Have you been able to manage your time better? How has that affected your physical
health? (Hand in paper copies to your TA (Bethune 124) and electronically on Moodle. Due by
Dec 3rd @ 5 pm 50% deduction if late. No excuses will be accepted, so please hand it in
early. Will not be accepted after the midterm exam).
3. Mid-Term Exam (38%)
Written during the December Exam Period (date to be announced by the university).
Includes all material covered in the lectures and laboratories. DO NOT BOOK ANY FLIGHTS
4. Final Exam (40%)
Written during the April Exam Period (date to be announced by the university). Includes all
material covered in the lectures and laboratories SINCE THE MID TERM EXAM, plus
Grading and Missed Exams:
Grading: The grading scheme for the course conforms to the 9-point grading system used in
undergraduate programs at York (e.g., A+ = 9, A = 8, B+ = 7, C+ = 5, etc.). (For a full description of
York grading system see the Undergraduate Calendar-
Note: Final course grades may be adjusted to conform to School of Kinesiology and Health Science
or Faculty of Health grades distribution profiles
Missed Exams: Students with a documented reason for missing a course test, such as illness,
compassionate grounds, etc., which is confirmed by supporting documentation (e.g., doctor’s letter)
may request accommodation from the Course Director. Students must also complete a deferral form
from Bethune 341. Students must contact the course director within 1 week of the missed exam and
provide the appropriate documentation within 3 weeks of the exam. A make-up exam is generally
written at least three weeks after the missed exam.
Correspondence Information:
Due to the size of the class, all emails must be sent from a yorku account, and be directed to the
Course Email Correspondent (Chip Rowan - If needed, the emails will be
forwarded to the Course Director or Instructor for reply. All emails must include your name, section
and student number and should be written in a professional and courteous manner. Otherwise
they may not be answered. The instructors will be available for office hours by appointment only.
Important Course Information:
All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the following information, available on the
Senate Committee on Curriculum & Academic Standards webpage (see Reports, Initiatives,
York’s Academic Honesty and Plagiarism Policy and Procedures/Academic Integrity Website
Ethics Review Process for research involving human participants
Course requirement accommodation for students with disabilities, including physical,
medical, systemic, learning and psychiatric disabilities
Student Conduct Standards
Religious Observance Accommodation
Note: A special combined class for KINE 1000 and KINE 1020 will be held Friday, September 7,
8:30-10:30 in the Tait McKenzie Gym. Draws for $100 York Bookstore Gift Certificates and team
prizes for fun games will be awarded. All participants will receive a special York gift for attending.
Lab # Odd or Even Section C
Date Fitness Lecture Date Fitness Lecture Date Health Lecture Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
03-Sep --- 05-Sep Dr. Kuk 07-Sep Tait McKenzie Gym
10-Sep Dr. Kuk 12-Sep Dr. Riddell 14-Sep Dr. Riddell 1 ODD 10-Sep 11-Sep 12-Sep 13-Sep 14-Sep
17-Sep Dr. Riddell 19-Sep Dr. Riddell 21-Sep --- 1 EVEN 17-Sep 18-Sep 19-Sep 20-Sep --
24-Sep Sean Coleman 26-Sep Dr. Gagliese 28-Sep Dr. Riddell 2 ODD 24-Sep 25-Sep 26-Sep 27-Sep 28-Sep
01-Oct Dr. Riddell 03-Oct Dr. Riddell 05-Oct --- 2 EVEN 01-Oct 02-Oct 03-Oct 04-Oct --
08-Oct Thanksgiving 10-Oct Dr. Kuk 12-Oct Dr. Kuk 3 ODD -- 09-Oct 10-Oct 11-Oct 12-Oct
15-Oct Dr. Kuk 17-Oct Mona Frial-Brown 19-Oct --- 3 EVEN 15-Oct 16-Oct 17-Oct* 18-Oct* --
22-Oct Dr. Kuk 24-Oct Dr. Kuk 26-Oct Dr. Kuk 4 ODD 22-Oct* 23-Oct 24-Oct 25-Oct 26-Oct
29-Oct Dr. Kuk 31-Oct Cocurricular Day 02-Nov Cocurricular Day 4 EVEN 29-Oct 30-Oct -- -- --
05-Nov Dr. Kuk 07-Nov Dr. Kuk 09-Nov Dr. Kuk 5 ODD 05-Nov 06-Nov 07-Nov 08-Nov 09-Nov
12-Nov Dr. Kuk 14-Nov Dr. Kuk 16-Nov --- 5 EVEN 12-Nov 13-Nov 14-Nov 15-Nov --
19-Nov Dr. Belcastro 21-Nov Dr. Belcastro 23-Nov Dr. Belcastro 6 ODD 19-Nov 20-Nov 21-Nov 22-Nov 23-Nov
26-Nov Dr. Belcastro 28-Nov Dr. Belcastro 30-Nov --- 6 EVEN 26-Nov 27-Nov 28-Nov 29-Nov --
03-Dec Help Session 05-Dec --- 07-Dec ---
07-Jan Dr. Belcastro 09-Jan Dr. Belcastro 11-Jan Dr. Belcastro 7 ODD 07-Jan 08-Jan 09-Jan 10-Jan 11-Jan
14-Jan Dr. Belcastro 16-Jan Dr. Belcastro 18-Jan Make-up Exam 7 EVEN 14-Jan 15-Jan 16-Jan 17-Jan --
21-Jan Dr. Belcastro 23-Jan Dr. Belcastro 25-Jan Dr. Kuk 8 ODD 21-Jan 22-Jan 23-Jan 24-Jan 25-Jan
28-Jan Dr. Kuk 30-Jan Dr. Kuk 01-Feb --- 8 EVEN 28-Jan 29-Jan 30-Jan 31-Jan --
04-Feb Dr. Kuk 06-Feb Dr. Kuk 08-Feb Dr. Kuk 9 ODD 04-Feb 05-Feb 06-Feb 07-Feb 08-Feb
11-Feb Dr. Kuk 13-Feb Dr. Kuk 15-Feb --- 9 EVEN 11-Feb 12-Feb 13-Feb 14-Feb --
18-Feb Reading Week 20-Feb Reading Week 22-Feb Reading Week
25-Feb Dr. Kuk 27-Feb Dr. Kuk 01-Mar Dr. Kuk 10 ODD 25-Feb 26-Feb 27-Feb 28-Feb 01-Mar
04-Mar Dr. Riddell 06-Mar Dr. Riddell 08-Mar --- 10 EVEN 04-Mar 05-Mar 06-Mar 07-Mar --
11-Mar Dr. Riddell 13-Mar Dr. Riddell 15-Mar Dr. Kuk 11 ODD 11-Mar 12-Mar 13-Mar 14-Mar 15-Mar
18-Mar Dr. Kuk 20-Mar Dr. Kuk 22-Mar --- 11 EVEN 18-Mar 19-Mar 20-Mar 21-Mar --
25-Mar Dr. Kuk 27-Mar Dr. Kuk 29-Mar Good Friday 12 ODD 25-Mar 26-Mar 27-Mar 28-Mar --
01-Apr Dr. Kuk 03-Apr Dr. Kuk 05-Apr Dr. Kuk 12 EVEN 01-Apr 02-Apr 03-Apr 04-Apr 05-Apr
08-Apr Help Session 10-Apr --- 12-Apr ---
--- = No Class * = Double Lab
Section A: 8:30-9:20am Section B: 9:30-10:20 Section C: Online Odd Labs (1, 3, 5, 7…..21) Even Labs (2, 4, 6, 8…..22)
Monday Wednesday Friday Section A Section B
Exam Period (Dec 5-21)
Exam Period (April 10-26)
Reading Week
Exam Period (April 10-26)
KINE 1020 6.0 2012-13; Sections A, B & C;
Lecture Schedule Laboratory Schedule
Curtis Lecture Hall (CLH) I Stong College 101N
Exam Period (Dec 5-21)