May 25 Anxiety and Coping 3 hour lecture. Anxiety and coping.

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
KINE 4520 May 25
Wimbledon 1993
-leading Steffi Graff 4-1 in the deciding set, serving 40-30
-Double faulted 4 times and lost
1996 Masters
-Greg Norman began the final round with a 6 stroke lead
-On the 18th, Faldo had a 4 stroke lead
-why do we get into these situations? We are thinking about outcome -- we’re thinking
about winning.
LA baseball player suffering from anxiety issues (Channel KTL 5 news)
-Dodger Closer - Hung Chee Kuo - suffering from anxiety -- professional baseball
-professional athletes more susceptible to anxiety than other because of pressure and
knowing that your professional life is not that long.
VIDEO - Reducing “team” anxiety and tension (Hoosers video from last week)
The coach helps his athletes deal with state anxiety (due to situation they are in) as the
athletes walk into a huge stadium they will be playing in. and helps them get thinking
about task. Gets the team numbers to measure the court to see that it is they exact
same measurements as the court they usually play on.
-There is no coping strategy effective in all situations.
Generalizability of Coping (Cox. 2006)
-The coping skills we learn in sport are transferable to other stressful non-sport
-Harsh coaches, losing, injuries, setbacks
VIDEO - a man who claims the reason he lived and did not die was because of his
olympic sport. Man got lost in wilderness and both legs had to be amputated.
he talks about his hockey background and the realization that it was “do are die” for him
after spending 8 days in the wilderness. Talks about loneliness being the hardest. (Eric
Preparation and Confidence
-Managing thoughts and emotions
(don’t be a maladaptive perfectionist -- looking for what can go wrong and anything that
goes wrong was their fault and anything right was luck)
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KINE 4520 May 25
Effective Thinking Habits
-gives us a chance to succeed
-Vealey, 2005 -- 3 types of thiniknig?
-purposeful thinking vs. Random
-Purposeful thoughts dictate our body language -- thoughts are intentional and
deliberate about what the athletes thinks him/herself and performance.
-Random -- thoughts are left up to chance that they’ll have the rights thoughts at the
right time.
2. -Productive thinker v. Reactive thinker
-Only guy in control of his emotions was Angel Cabrara
-Productive thinker - thoughts are pro-active, rational and facilitative regardless of the
-Reactive thinker - fail to control negative thoughts... often leads to choking. (Why? We
are consumed by the situation)
-Louis Osthuizen -- reactive thinker and began to get excited about the possibilities of
winning the British open but he has a red dot on each glove that reminds him to wake up
and stay focused when he sees it
-Rocco Mediate -- did not get control of his emotions
3. Effective thinking: possibilities vs. Restrictive
-Possibility - focus is on what the athlete wants to happen
-Restrictive - thinking is confined, limited, and restrained.
Youth Development
-youth go through all the changes: physical, gocnitive, social and emotional and then
they try to meet OUR (adult) expectations instead of their own.
-we expect them to use problem focused, emotion focused, avoidance focused
strategies but we have trouble doing so - they are not often taught these
-if young athletes are taught to set realistic goals, image success and react
constructively, their performance and development will profess faster than those who
don’t (Weinberg, 2010).
-Mental skills are learned more easily when developed along with physical skills... they
should be taught in physical education classes (McCarthy, 2010).
Psychological Skills and Methods
-Qualities to be attained (Cox Hope):
Psychological - anxiety control, self-confidence, mental tought ness, hope, optimism,
work ethic.
Need to attain these and maintain the skills. How?
(E.g. write three paragraphs on how to obtain each of the above qualities)
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KINE 4520 May 25
Techniques used to enhance skills:
Psychological methods - goal setting, imagery, relaxation, self-talk, meditation, hypnosis
(the first four are the best at improving performance).
Imagery is a SKILL that is used to enhance a skill that is already there to improve
-e.g. “I cant’ keep up with her...she’s too fast for me” --> decrease in performance -->
greater anxiety --> problem spirals out of control
-there is only one way out of this spiral, and that is to reverse the process by reducing
the anxiety and tension.
(It’s frustrating to see this happen in kids as a parent because they have no coaching
skills and don’t listen to parents talking but better if coming form another)
-Self talk
-Imagery (Ch. 8)
VIDEO: Example of a crude form of imagery to deal with frustration -- Happy Gilmore --
bad temper when things don’t go his way - his “coach” tells him to clear his mind and not
play with raw emotion and to think of his happy place.
-Can recreate an event in our mind that calms us down and clears our mind
-William James (Psychologist) - the greatest discovery is that human beings, by
changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of our lives.
(can be more optimistic and assists with
Paivio’s Model of Imagery - Cognitive General Imagery
-Strategies and routines
-we can image a strategy or a routine (like a gymnast would).
-Cognitive Specific Imagery - Skills
-say to self - my feet are shoulder width apart, my eyes on the basket, knees bent,
elbows in, feet parallel to basket -- if practice this in head before get out of bed (imagine)
then brain storing it in memory. Feel better baout self and look forward to next practice if
imagine getting shots in and all this.
-Motivational General - physiological arousal and emotions (e.g. Pablo Morales was
favoured to win). He lost to Michael Gross and he failed to qualify the following year so
went to law school but after his mother died he decided to come out of retirement and
dedicated his comeback to her “i vividly imaged her cheering for me and expressing
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