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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Kuk/ Riddell

Media media o refers to composing, comprehending, interpreting, analyzing and appreciating THE LANGUAGE and TEXT of BOTH PRINT and non-PRINT media construct a world true/not-true nothing non-edited in media there are individuals behind media telling u what to see Tell you what to think ABOUT Gives you the setting Certain narrative to exclusion the others -------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Media messages constructed Who created? Who is behind it? Can be also edited differently/ some msg push front some stayed hide Setting/ time period / scenes are shot out-of-order 2. Media msg constructed using creative languages and its own rules Lighting/ techniques/ music/ communication/ costuming/ camera shot and angles Exp: wide shot: here is action is taking place Exp: music is sometimes the break of film (mood and emotions) 3. Different people understand the film differently How people differently understand/ people have different experiences Sex/ skin colour/ class position / disability /Prior knowledge 4. Media have embedded values and points-of-view Number of f
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