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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Kuk/ Riddell

January 28 Homophobia in sport Wellard (researcher) Every individual should have the right to enjoy their bodies through physical activity Activity in physical environment is conflicted for minorities (gay men) Sexuality a real barrier Theory of sexuality! Why do we have sex? Pleasure, Reproduction, money. Commitment to the partner, love, Duty. Women have different reason for sex? Fun, reveal menstrual cramps ( endorphins released through orgasm reveal pain temporarily) NATURAL and NORMAL Some sexuality normal and natural / abnormal unnatural Sex to have babies (REPRODUCTION) Michel Foucault: -Bodies are sites in which power is exercised -“Truths” are produced based on knowledge (or Ideas) that come together around particular norms (this is termed discourse)  (proper way of sexuality) -The body becomes regulated around normative standards  if you don’t live in this proper norms you are abnormal -Truth is mobilized in relations of power in ways that affect how bodies are produced  bodies confirm to those norms  easier life Linear model of sex/ gender / sexuality To biological sex -> men vs. women Men masculine / femininity Testosterone vs. estragon @ Logical extension  heterosexuality HETEROSEXUAL MATRIX  there are some way of living with this way of thinking , other ways UNINTELLIGABLE Judith Butler) @COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUALITY (Adrienne rich) Sex  Gender  Sexuality The point: traditional way of thinking of sexuality need to be changed because ! The concept of norm and natural reproduce some beliefs and ideas Why is this important? Because of existing stereotypes Deviant /abnormal /sick /promiscuous /effeminate or overly mannish These beliefs have consequences Social meaning have impact gender. Sexuality is vary according to science religion and culture Exp Religious and other social factor vs. our thinking Very religious people rely on what they know about religion Different working class mentality causes to think about sexuality differently Weston - Sexuality need to be embedded in any topic constituted as an object for research - Not just sexuality it is related to class race and social relation - Paying attention to sexuality  new social issues Connection between sexuality and any other topic. Sexuality always plays a role around us. Sexualities and sexual minorities Talking about hetero and homo: - Creating binary - Construct a hierarchy - Privilege some sexual practices and marginalize others - SEXUALITY IS A CONTINUM SEXUALITIE (S)  - Diverse and heterogeneous
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