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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Kuk/ Riddell

January 23 Gender and sex! We move to the world with a certain Sex and learn how to behave (gender) Gender  got impact by environment and social experiences  SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION Not confirming to what the society expect from BOY/GIRL -> bullying and child abuse MESSENER’s methodology (a way to study social issues) 1. Gender The way kids DO GENDER (the way you need to perform as a girl/boy) NOT KICKING A BARBIE (girl) Foosball Barbie. In the article girl where hanging around the Barbie however boys disrupting the activity. PARENTS SAY: how different they are (highlighting their differences) think THIS IS NORMAL BUT Babies got exposes to boyish or girlish environment even ONCE they are born This is not the case they are much more similar than being DIFFERENT.  GIRLS playing with TRUCKS (in privacy of homes not that socially)  BOYS playing
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