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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Kuk/ Riddell

January 30 Homophobia - Coming out Hard to come out in sporting environment You can’t hide you are sexual minority New research: coming out is healthy Anderson research: EXP: most athletes who goes to the teammates they have experiences good out come when they come out. In fact gay men take part in discrimination themselves. - Segmented identities Expectations in sport, when you are gay you don’t talk about being gay, you don’t talk about your sexuality. Heterosexual talk about their sex You can be gay don’t talk about it, be hidden, Don’t be too gay, don’t be too feminine CULTURAL silence in sport about sexuality. This sexual silence keeps minor sexualities out of sport - Homophobic discourse Using word: gay, fag, or this is so gay. YOU DON’T LOOK GAY We use this discourses to show how to be a proper man (hegemonic masculinity) Overt vs. subtle - Sport is not always overtly homophobic There is violence but not that common direct - Not violence and harassment but language and silencing Very common. Don’t be gay INDIRECT Intent vs. Effect Intent: I didn’t intent it that way, I didn’t mean that  I don’t give much thought to it No intent BUT anyways there is an EFFECT Gay men and consent Gay male reproduce hegemonic masculinity and homophobia Sport accepting environment Discount prevalence of discrimination Self-silence Participate in sexist homophobic discourse  There are all in sport but we don’t question them Homophobia in women sports - Silence Dirty little secret they don’t talk about it Don’t be too obvious  silence to be protected - Denial No lesbian! What are you talking about? - Apology They don’t want to be seen as lesbian Masculinity - Heterosexy image Artistic sport where women are sexualized - Male coaches You have to have a male coach because too many women  lesbian fest - Attack on lesbianism There are some anti-lesbian poli
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